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Service Description

If you’re an older adult who lives at home but struggles to keep yourself well-groomed, rely on the experts at Blessings4Ever Home Care Agency in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. The friendly home care team offers an array of personal grooming services to assist you. Call the Blessings4Ever Home Care Agency office to learn more about your options or use the online booking tab today. What is personal grooming? Some of the personal grooming services available to you with the help of the Blessings4Ever Home Care Agency include: - Hair trimming and washing - Lotion or cream application - Shaving - Nail care - Oral health care -Makeup application - Hairstyling You might have a diffculty completing these tasks on your own because of older age or an illness, disease, ongoing pain, or disability. What are the benefits of personal grooming assistance? Many of the benefits you can expect when choosing personal grooming services with the Blessings4Ever Home Care Agency experts include: - Better personal hygiene - Improvements in your overall appearance - Clean hair - Moisturized skin - Improved oral health care - Reduced risk of cavities and gum disease - Whiter teeth - Healthier-looking appearance - Healthy skin and nails - Beautifully applied makeup - Clean-shaven look Maintaining a healthy appearance not only reduces your risk of certain medical conditions, such as oral health problems and infections, it often improves your self-confidence and quality of life. Is personal grooming right for me? Whenever you have a difficult time completing personal hygiene tasks, you’re a candidate for grooming services offered by the Blessings4Ever Home Care Agency. You might struggle to stay groomed because of a disability, disease, memory problems, or other cognitive issues related to aging. The Blessings4Ever Home Care Agency also offers grooming and other services for your pets if you need help caring for them. What should I expect during personal grooming? During personal grooming with the Blessings4Ever Home Care Agency team, a friendly specialist arrives at your home during your scheduled appointment time. They bring personal grooming supplies or use those you already have in your home. Your specialist can assist you with hair grooming, applying creams or lotions, trimming your nails, shaving, or brushing and flossing your teeth. The Blessings4Ever Home Care Agency team offers dressing assistance and helps with showering or bathing, if needed.

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