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This service is not available, please contact for more information.

Service Description

If you live at home but need mobility assistance, the Blessings4Ever Home Care Agency in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, is here for you. The skilled home care team offers this service to help you safely move around your home and reduce the risk of falls and injuries. Call the office to learn more or use the online scheduler today. What is mobility assistance? Mobility assistance with the Blessings4Ever Home Care Agency team includes various accommodations that help you safely move throughout your home. You might need this service if you’re an older adult and have limited mobility due to an injury, disease, or disability. What are the benefits of mobility assistance? Some of the benefits you can expect by choosing mobility assistance with the Blessings4Ever Home Care Agency include: - Safer mobility - Lower risk of falls - Reduced risk of injuries - Less pain when moving - Easier mobility - Lower risk of medical complications The experts at Blessings4Ever Home Care Agency are highly trained in assisting with mobility for older adults. They carefully help you move around inside or outside of your home. Many Blessings4Ever Home Care Agency clients who utilize mobility assistance are older adults who still live at home. You might feel safer moving around under the supervision of a skilled specialist. What are my mobility assistance options? Some of the mobility assistance options available with the help of the Blessings4Ever Home Care Agency team include: - Assistance using a walker - Help using a cane - Assistance using a wheelchair - Help using an electric scooter - Assistance standing up or walking - Help using the bathroom - Assistance going for walks outdoors - Transferring from your bed to a chair or car The Blessings4Ever Home Care Agency also offers assistance with personal hygiene, bathing, showering, meal preparation, light housekeeping, pet care, running errands, and more. What should I expect during mobility assistance? Your Blessings4Ever Home Care Agency provider arrives at your home during their scheduled appointment time to assist you when you move around. They stay at your home as long as you need to ensure you safely reach your destination and use assistive devices correctly. How often do I need mobility assistance? Every client has different needs regarding mobility assistance. You might require help several times a day, once daily, or less often.

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