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Service Description

If you’re an older adult who lives at home but struggles to keep it clean, help is available at At Blessings4Ever Home Care Agency in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. The skilled home care team offers light housekeeping services to clean your house regularly, so you don’t have to. Call the office to learn more or use the online booking tab today. Why might I need light housekeeping? Numerous clients take advantage of light housekeeping services provided by the Blessings4Ever Home Care Agency team. Many are older adults who live at home but don’t have the time or physical ability to clean their house. The Blessings4Ever Home Care Agency experts thoroughly clean your home to reduce dust, dirt, germs, and unpleasant odors. What are the benefits of light housekeeping services? The many benefits you can expect when choosing light housekeeping with the Blessings4Ever Home Care Agency include: - Time savings - Cleaner home - Reduced risk of falls and injuries - Friendly staff - Exceptional service - Companionship The Blessings4Ever Home Care Agency also offers meal assistance, personal hygiene assistance, mobility assistance, pet care, errand services, and other home-care services you might choose to take advantage of. What are my light housekeeping service options? Some of the light housekeeping services you can choose from at the Blessings4Ever Home Care Agency include: - Changing bed linens - Doing the laundry - Sweeping - Mopping - Cleaning windows - Washing dishes - Dusting - Vacuuming - Cleaning bathrooms - Cleaning kitchens - Other household chores - Doing yard work You can rely on the exceptional specialists at Blessings4Ever Home Care Agency for any type of cleaning or other chores you need help with at home. What should I expect during light housekeeping visits? During light housekeeping visits with the Blessings4Ever Home Care Agency team, your specialist arrives at their scheduled appointment time. You can remain at home while they clean. Simply tell them what you’d like them to accomplish. They can bring their own cleaning supplies or use those you already have at your home. If you need them to, your home care specialist also picks up cleaning supplies for you while running errands. The home care team takes as much time as you need to complete light housekeeping chores or other things you need assistance with.

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