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Service Description

If you or a loved one struggles with loneliness while house-bound, friendly providers at Blessings4Ever Home Care Agency in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, are here for you. The skilled home care team offers friendly companionship services to keep clients occupied with fun activities. Call the office to learn more or schedule a visit online today. What are companionship services? Companionship services at Blessings4Ever Home Care Agency include time spent with a staff member in the comfort of your home. This service is useful for older adults who struggle with loneliness, sadness, or depression. The Blessings4Ever Home Care Agency offers a variety of fun activities and resources to increase the quality of living of their clients. What are the benefits of companionship services? Some of the benefits you can expect when choosing companionship services at Blessings4Ever Home Care Agency include: - Someone to talk to - Less loneliness - Supervision - Less boredom - Reduced depression - Fun activities - Safe environment - Improved physical, mental, and emotional health - Better overall quality of life This service is optimal for older adults who live alone or those who spend a lot of time home and desire more social interaction. Are companionship services right for me or a loved one? Any older adult who struggles with loneliness is a good candidate for companionship services at the Blessings4Ever Home Care Agency. You or a loved one might desire more social interaction or participation in fun hobbies without leaving home or living in a long-term care facility. What are my companionship service options? Some of the many companionship service options available with the Blessings4Ever Home Care Agency include: - Hobbies Blessings4Ever Home Care Agency providers help their clients find hobbies that they enjoy. Examples include knitting, playing cards, playing ping-pong, or going fishing. They participate in enjoyable hobbies along with their clients to keep them busy and entertained. Conversations Sometimes older adults living alone simply enjoy having someone to talk to on a regular basis. The Blessings4Ever Home Care Agency providers are happy to engage in fun conversations with their clients virtually or in perso Reading The Blessings4Ever Home Care Agency staff reads to their clients if that’s something they enjoy. They might read their favorite books, blogs, or news articles over the phone or face to face, depending on their clients’ preferences.

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