When to Consider Personal Grooming Services in Your Golden Years

May 01, 2023
When to Consider Personal Grooming Services in Your Golden Years

Your hands and arms are essential tools in performing personal grooming tasks. If you have limited mobility from an illness or disability and have difficulty with personal grooming, home care services may be a great answer.

Have you lost the ability to drive to hair appointments? You may not be able to wash your hair by yourself, let alone style it. It’s a frustrating problem. 

Likewise, you may not be able to trim your own nails due to shaky hands. Shaving may become a problem when you no longer have the dexterity to handle a manual or electric razor. 

Our professional home care specialists with Blessings4Ever Home Care Agency are trained and vetted to provide personal grooming services. No one feels good about themselves if their hair goes dirty and unwashed and looks limp and straggly, or if you have patches of whiskers when you’re unable to remove all of your facial hair. 

We help you maintain your personal grooming routines in your “golden” senior years to help you maintain your dignity. Following are some of the ways our staff can assist you.

Hair washing and styling 

Hair washing takes a lot of arm strength and energy, especially if you have a lot of hair. You may not feel safe washing your hair in the shower anymore if you don’t have good balance. We help you wash and condition your hair in the shower or at the sink. We’re right there with you so you won’t fall. 

We use your styling method so you’re pleased with how your hair looks when we’re finished. We’ll use your curlers, hair wand, or other tools to make sure your hair’s appearance pleases you. 


Moisturizing your skin when you’re a senior should be an important part of your grooming routine. Your skin becomes thinner as you age. Senior skin tends to become dry and can crack and even bleed when not properly hydrated. Cracked skin can lead to a skin infection that’s hard to heal. We help apply your moisturizer in places that you can’t easily reach so your skin stays silky smooth. 


Are your hands too unsteady to apply your makeup so that it doesn’t smear? Our staff gently applies your makeup and helps it look the way you want to. 


If you’ve lost the ability to remove the hair around your neck and on your jaw, we use your shaving tools to make you look sharp. You won’t have stray patches of hair sticking out from your chin or ears. 

Oral health care 

One in five seniors has untreated tooth decay. Good oral hygiene plays a vital role in having good overall health. Gum disease has been linked to heart disease. Bacteria can travel from your mouth deep into your body. 

We can help you maintain your oral health. We can place toothpaste on your toothbrush, and if you have trouble brushing, we can guide your hand or brush your teeth for you. 

Nail care  

Trimming your nails can be a difficult task as you get older. Your nails may become tough and hard to clip. We can do it for you. 

Trimming nails helps prevent a scratch that could turn into an infection. Our staff can inspect your nails and see if you have a problem like nail fungus or an ingrown nail that requires a visit to a doctor. 

Let our staff with Blessings4Ever Home Care Agency help you maintain your personal grooming routine. Call today or request information through our online portal to help with services you may need as a senior.