What to Expect from Medication Support for Seniors

Mar 06, 2023
What to Expect from Medication Support for Seniors

Everyone may forget to take prescribed medication at one time or another, but for adults with memory problems, it can have severe consequences. Learn about the advantages of medication support for seniors.

Have you or your loved one ever forgotten to take your prescribed medication? It’s easy to do. Our professional team with Blessings4Ever Home Care Agency provides medication support, as well as many other support services such as meals, hygiene, dressing, mobility assistance, and more.  

Adults with memory issues and many senior adults require special help with taking medication, taking it at the right time, and getting it at the pharmacy. These are all important tasks that need to be done to keep you or your loved one healthy. 

How we can help with medication support 

If the patient is your loved one, our staff works with you to determine exactly the type of help they need and how often it’s needed. For example, does your loved one take medications twice per day, in the morning and at night? Are you concerned that they may take more medication than needed or completely forget to take the medication?

We work with you and ensure that the medication is taken as directed. Our staff understands what medications, vitamins, and supplements your loved one is supposed to take when they are to take them and whether they should take them with or without food. We also know what side effects to watch for and report.

Our agency professional can arrive every morning and retrieve the prescribed medication from a secure place in the home and ensure that your loved one takes exactly the medication they’re prescribed. Our professional who serves on an evening shift does the same. 

If your loved one has mobility issues and can’t drive or get to the front door or mailbox to get medication that arrives in the mail, our staff either picks up the prescriptions from the pharmacy or retrieves them from the front of the house if they’ve been delivered. We can verify with you that the pharmacy has filled the prescription accurately and that the dosage is correct. That way you have peace of mind about your loved one.   

You can rely on us to provide the level of support you need as every individual client’s needs are different. Perhaps your loved one only needs a reminder call once or twice a day to take their medication. We provide that service in addition to extensive home care that addresses a situation with someone living in their home who requires assistance with daily tasks of living. 

Advantages of medication support 

Many seniors forget to take their medications or don’t take them as directed. If they don’t feel sick, they may think they no longer need them. 

In older adults, drugs may stay in the body longer than in a younger person, resulting in more side effects. Our staff can let you know how your loved one is doing during the day, relieving you of worry. 

We won’t let your loved one skip a dose of medication or take too much or too little. Because the medication is taken as prescribed, your loved one has less chance of a medical complication. 

Call Blessings4Ever Home Care Agency today or request information through our online portal if you or your loved one needs help with tasks of daily living.