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Ways to Help Seniors Stay Mentally Sharp

Here are some top ways to help seniors stay mentally sharp and aware.

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Here are some ways to help seniors stay mentally sharp.

Whether you are a caregiver or a family member of a senior, or a senior yourself, all of you play a significant role in helping the senior we love stay mentally sharp. What's great is that helping them stay sharp can be fun, exhilarating, and personal. Here are some great ways that you can help. These hints were given to us by Clearcareonline.com, "How to Help Homebound Seniors Stay Active." However, we added our own comments below to help.


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Although Jenga is fun, it is probably better to start with a puzzle of Monet's "Water Lilies".


Reading is a great way for people to keep their mind alert and sharp. Encourage them to read magazines, books, articles, news, and more.

Learning something new

Self-improvement has no age limit. Painting, pottery, wood-working, piano, are all great examples.

Regular conversations

Isolation and loneliness can really take a toll on seniors mental health. Conversations help keep their mind active and aware.

Practicing memorization

Make this fun! There are plenty of memorization games out there. You can also make it personal, "How did you meet you husband again?"

For additional information, view our document below from Clearcareonline.com.

Helping Homebound Seniors Stay Active
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