Managing Incontinence at Home: 4 Advantages of Professional Care

Aug 04, 2023
Managing Incontinence at Home: 4 Advantages of Professional Care

Managing incontinence in a loved one can be stressful, but having a home care agency step in to help can dial down your stress level and provide relief. Keep reading to learn more.

Does your loved one suffer from incontinence due to an illness or disease that damages the nerves controlling the bladder or from weak muscles because of aging? Whatever the cause of incontinence, it’s a condition that requires care and constant monitoring. 

If your partner or loved one needs help, you’re likely the one who helps them. However, no one can care for another person 24/7 without breaks or respites. That’s when Blessings4Ever Home Care Agency can step in to provide relief. Our caring staff provides an array of home care services that include incontinence care

Whether your loved one needs help getting to the toilet, using a bedside commode or a catheter, our staff is trained to provide a professional level of care. When you have other appointments, errands to run, or simply need time off from caretaking, we’re your relief team. 

Here are four important advantages of using professional services for incontinence care for your loved one:

1. Fewer urinary or bowel accidents

Whether your loved one uses pads, diapers, or a catheter, when you hire Blessing4Ever Home Care Agency, our caring staff helps ensure your loved one doesn’t have a messy accident. They help them use the bathroom regularly to avoid changes of underwear, clothing, sheets, and more. We can empty an indwelling or external catheter for your loved one and keep your laundry loads manageable, as well.

2. Better personal hygiene

If your loved one uses pads or diapers, urine or feces can soak their entire bottom, making cleanup harder. An accident with a catheter can spread urine on hands and other body parts. Our staff helps your loved one stay clean, dry, and comfortable. 

3. Better health 

If you’ve ever had a urinary tract infection (UTI), you know it can be painful. If your loved one is incontinent, their pelvic floor and bladder muscles are weak. Incontinence causes urine to remain in the urinary tract. This can lead to a buildup of harmful bacteria that leads to a UTI. 

Elderly adults can suffer mental confusion and/or agitation with a UTI. Repeated UTIs in immune-compromised elderly adults can lead to a kidney infection, which could be fatal. 

We ensure your loved one drinks water throughout the day to stay hydrated. Our staff promptly changes pads or diapers and empties catheters. We clean your loved one properly when needed. We help maintain your loved one’s overall health with incontinence care. 

4. Reduced stress 

If your loved one has an accident due to incontinence, they’re likely embarrassed and stressed. Caretaking produces high levels of stress for caretakers. We help you and your loved one avoid the stress that incontinence can cause. 

Call Blessings4Ever Home Care Agency or request information through our online portal today for expert home care services that bring comfort and competence when helping your loved one.