How Companionship Services Can Enhance Your Loved One's Life

Apr 01, 2023
How Companionship Services Can Enhance Your Loved One's Life

Social isolation can be a risk to your mental and physical health. Many seniors in our society are lonely. Check out the benefits of professional home care companionship services.

Has your loved one lost many social connections over the past few years? If their spouse and/or dear friends have passed, or if they’ve moved to a smaller home, they’re likely missing companionship. Maintaining social connections is one of the ways to keep your physical and mental health. 

Our staff with Blessings4Ever Home Care Agency provides companionship services for your loved one to bring a smile to your loved one’s face again. Following are the ways that companionship services can enhance your loved one’s life. 

Relieve loneliness

If your loved one is lonely, they’re not alone. About 25% of older adults are socially isolated, and more than one-third of adults over age 45 say they’re lonely. Research provides solid evidence that a lack of social connections and loneliness is a hazard to your health and increases the risk of mortality. 

Our companionship services provide an important social connection. Regular companionship visits help your loved one form a new friendship. We match your loved one with a staffer who can play card games, do brain teasers, or do any other activity that a friend would do, like go to the movies. If your loved one hesitates to walk alone, your companion can walk with them or take them to a park on a beautiful day. 

Help caregivers

If your loved one lives with you or another family member, a Blessings4Ever companion can give you or your caregiver time to take care of their own needs. If you’re the caregiver, you may need a break from handling doctor and dentist appointments. We know you’re busy running a household, cooking, doing laundry, and managing finances. 

Almost half of all caregivers report that they have a chronic health condition themselves. If you’re a woman who spends more than nine hours per week taking care of your loved one, your risk of heart disease goes up by 100%. Give yourself or your caregiver time to rest and de-stress by having a Blessing4Ever companion come to your home. 

Help keep your loved one safe

Your Blessings4Ever companion can help keep your loved one safe. More than 25% of older adults have a fall each year. A fall can have devastating consequences for seniors, causing loss of independence and a move from home to a care facility. 

Our trained staff makes sure there aren’t any tripping hazards in the home. We’re there to catch your loved one if they begin to feel unstable and start to fall. We make sure they haven’t left the stove on if you made tea or a bowl of soup. If there has been an accident, our staff can call emergency services right away to get the help needed. 

Help maintain your loved one’s health

A Blessings4Ever companion can help remind your loved one to do prescribed exercises if they’ve been in physical therapy, or simply to exercise during the day. Exercise is key to health and prolongs life. Being sedentary increases the risk of major diseases and all causes of mortality. If your loved one can walk outside, we walk with them.

Improve your loved one’s quality of life 

Having a companion can improve your loved one’s overall quality of life. Engaging in conversation and activities with a companion keeps the mind and body active. Having a companion can help lift depression and give your loved one something to smile about. 

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