Getting Older and Worrying About Your Pets? We Can Help

Oct 01, 2023
Getting Older and Worrying About Your Pets? We Can Help

Do you have a physical limitation that hinders your ability to care for your pet? Home health care agency services include pet care assistance so that you can have peace of mind.

Your pet provides many benefits for you, but did you know that having a pet can actually cause positive changes in your body? The answer is yes. Studies conclude that senior pet owners have lower blood pressure and cholesterol levels than non-pet owners. The American Heart Association says that pet owners have a reduced risk of heart disease

Pets can reduce stress and alleviate loneliness, especially if you live alone. About 75% of pet owners say pets lower their stress levels. 

Your pet requires attention and a bit of work, though. As you get older, are you having trouble keeping up with the care of your beloved pet? You can’t bear the thought of finding another home for your furry loved one. Perhaps your energy level or mobility isn’t what it used to be. Whether you have a cat, dog, or other animal, your pet needs regular care: feeding, cleaning, grooming, medical care, and exercise. 

Our caring staff at Blessings4Ever Home Care Agency provides the following comprehensive pet care services

Feeding and cleanup

When we arrive at your home, we can feed your pet and provide clean water. We clean your pet’s food and water bowls. If you have a cat, we can clean the litter box and replace it with fresh litter. If you have a guinea pig or other animal in a cage, we clean the cage and replenish the cage habitat. 

We can also go to the store and purchase pet food and other supplies your pet needs. 

If your pet requires medication, we can give it to them. Perhaps your pet needs to take a pill that they don’t like. We can hide the pill in food so they can eat without ever noticing. 

If your pet is ill or elderly, we clean up after accidents so your home stays sanitary. We help you call the vet and describe their symptoms if your pet is ill. We help you take your pet to the vet. 


We can groom your pet or alternatively, provide transportation to the groomer. If you’re interested in a mobile groomer, we can help you find one who can groom your pet in front of your home. 

Play and exercise 

Your pet care specialist can give your dog the exercise they need by taking them for nice long walks. Exercise is vital for your pet, just as it is for humans. It can keep your pet stay at a healthy weight, maintain strong, healthy muscles, and thrive with a healthy cardiovascular system. 

Play is important for pets. Bored pets are more likely to get into mischief. Play provides mental stimulation and keeps boredom at bay. We can suggest new games you can play with your pet. 

We also make sure no toys are left in the middle of the floor where you can trip over them before we leave. We review your home for safety hazards that could occur with a pet in the house.

Scheduling support

We provide scheduling so your pet doesn’t miss needed food or medication. We can set an alarm to help remind you when to give your pet food or medication, in addition to scheduling vet appointments and setting up pet food to be delivered to your home. 

Our pet care specialists have the expertise to provide the assistance you need to keep your pet happy and healthy. Call Blessings4Ever Home Care Agency today or request an appointment through our online portal