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Blessings Center for Technical Arts & Sciences Offers Virtual Open Houses for Prospective Students!

If you are interested in furthering your education in the healthcare field and enrolling in our Nurse Aide Training Program, watch the video below, read some information about our program, and view the flyer for the scheduled times for our Virtual Open Houses!

At Blessings Center for Technical Arts and Sciences, LLC our mission is to inspire, support, and empower students through education and career development. We strive for excellence in educating and training each individual student. We encourage them to not only achieve but surpass their education and career goals. We believe our success is built solely on the success of each student who passes through our doors.

Educational Objectives: Blessings Center for Technical Arts and Sciences, LLC contributes to fulfilling its mission through the attainment of these objectives:

  • To maximize educational opportunities through an open-door policy of recruitment.

  • To seek out and employ highly qualified instructors who are effective in the classroom and experienced in the practices of the related industry.

  • To offer programs of instruction which provide a positive career path for our graduates.

  • To cultivate confident, competent and professional attitudes and an awareness of contemporary business practices through exposure to programmatic course content.

  • To provide professional and individualized career development services.


Course Offering: Nurse Aide Training (Total hours: 120 hours/5 -week program)

Program Objectives:

  1. Describe the functions of body systems.

  2. Describe the roles and responsibility of nurse aides including ethics, communication, and legal responsibilities.

  3. Demonstrate professional communication skills including recording and reporting.

  4. Demonstrate safety and infection control practices.

  5. Demonstrate competence and proficiency in the following categories of skills:

  • Communication and interpersonal relationships.

  • Safety and infection control.

  • Personal care procedures.

  • Vital signs.

  • Basic nutrition.

  • Admission, transfer, and discharge procedures.

  • Exercise and activity.

  • Elimination.

  • Warm and cold applications.

  • End of life care.

  • Client rights

  • Care to clients with cognitive impairment.

  • Basic emergency procedures.