7 Easy Ways to Prevent Common Senior Accidents

Dec 14, 2022
7 Easy Ways to Prevent Common Senior Accidents

As senior adults continue to age, they become more susceptible to hurting themselves. Falling is the number one cause for injury, which can result in devastating consequences. Here, you’ll learn how to fall-proof your home and help prevent accidents.

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Have you or a loved one had a fall? One in every four older adults experiences a fall during the year. Falls are the number one cause of fatal and nonfatal injuries in those over age 65. Taking some simple steps outlined below can help you or your loved one avoid a painful fall that could change your life. 

Clean out the clutter 

If neatness and orderliness aren’t your strength, now’s the time to up your game. Throw out old magazines, newspapers, and other clutter that clog your hallway or stairs. Do you have only a small pathway to your bed because your bedroom is full of books and papers? You can hire a home organizer to help you clean excessive clutter from your home or that of a loved one. 

Remove slippery rugs and repair uneven floorboards

Perhaps you have a few small rugs as part of your home decor. They’re tripping hazards, as are uneven floorboards that need repair. Whether looking out for yourself or a loved one, look at every room in the house to check for uneven walking surfaces and remove or repair uneven areas. Even if you have a nonskid mat under a throw rug, it’s still a tripping hazard. Move your decor attention to colorful pillows instead of rugs. 

Install more handrails and grab bars

Is your handrail old and rickety? Do you have safety bars in the shower? If not, it’s a good idea to get them repaired or have new ones installed. They can save you from a devastating fall. A handyman service can perform these tasks. 

Adequate lighting 

Have you always loved low lighting? As you get older, it’s important to light up the night. Ensure you have extra bulbs available if one goes out. Purchase night lights for your bedroom, bathroom, and areas around stairs. 

Wear shoes or nonskid socks in the house

Have you always worn slippers or socks in the house? You don’t want to bring in dirt and toxins from the outside. Purchase non-skid socks or shoes that you only wear in the house. 

Nonslip mats 

Buy a couple of nonslip mats for your bathtub, shower, and porch to avoid the risk of slipping and falling.

Work on balance and strengthening exercises 

If you’re able, gentle senior yoga or tai chi are great ways to help maintain balance as you grow older. Senior exercise classes are popular and offer great health benefits. Study after study provides evidence that active seniors live longer and healthier lives. Strengthening arm and leg muscles can help prevent falls. 

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