5 Important Benefits of Professional Pet Care

Feb 17, 2023
5 Important Benefits of Professional Pet Care

Having a pet is fun but also comes with a lot of responsibility. If you or a loved one has physical challenges or have some cognitive impairments, you may need help to take the best care of your pet.

Your loved one is aging in place in the home. You need assistance with housekeeping, meal preparation, running errands, and more. Does your loved one have a cat or dog? Having a pet as you age in place can add to the challenges. 

Perhaps your loved one has mobility issues. You can’t always be there to change the litter box. If your loved one has a dog, someone needs to help with walking them. 

Here, at Blessings4Ever Home Care Agency in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, we provide a wide array of home care services to keep life moving forward whether your loved one has just had surgery, needs temporary help, or needs permanent help in the home. 

If there’s a pet in the home, you need to protect their life. Pets bring love, comfort, joy, and companionship. Plus, studies indicate there are health benefits to owning a pet. Having a pet can lower blood pressure and ease feelings of loneliness. 

If you or your loved one is having trouble taking care of the pet, we can help you keep the pet in good health. Following are the benefits of professional pet care if your loved one isn’t able to perform all the necessary tasks. 

We keep your pet healthy

If your loved one has memory or mobility issues, appointments for pet checkups, parasite prevention, shots, or medical needs may slip. Our professional staff keeps track of your pet’s veterinary appointments using a calendar in a prominent place in the house your loved one can see. 

Our staff can also drive your loved one and the pet to vet appointments, pick up medications at the drugstore, and give your pet medicine. We can keep the pet’s cage clean, bathe them if needed, and make sure those paws are cleaned after being outdoors. 

We keep your pet active, stimulated, and happy 

Pets can become depressed or anxious just like people. They need regular exercise to remain healthy. They also need active stimulation to avoid boredom and prevent negative behaviors. Proper exercise helps lower your pet’s stress level. 

If your loved one isn’t able to walk the dog, our staff provides this important service. We keep your pet mentally stimulated, making sure their toys are available, and we play games with your special bundle of joy. 

We offer peace of mind 

If your loved one has mobility issues and can’t get out of the house, our staff can purchase your pet’s food and other necessities at the store when needed. Perhaps your loved one has cognitive impairments. Our professional pet care ensures that the pet won’t run out of food and water. 

In addition, we change the cat’s litter box at the right time, and you have peace of mind that your loved one and pet are safe. 

Our care helps reduce stress for your loved one

Accomplishing life’s daily tasks can become more difficult as you age. Your loved one may feel stress when thinking about what tasks need to be done and how they’re going to get done. 

We can relieve the stress these concerns can cause. Your loved one no longer has to worry about things like going into the garage to get the large bag of dog food and bring it into the house. They depend on our staff to help with their daily needs. 

We help lower the risk of falls and accidents 

If your loved one is slightly unsteady when walking, then walking a dog becomes very problematic. Our professionals walk the dog, ensuring they get plenty of exercise. 

This can also lower the risk of your loved one having a fall or other accidents. A fall for a senior can result in a bone fracture, serious complications, and even death. 

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