4 Benefits of Errand Services As You Age

Sep 01, 2023
4 Benefits of Errand Services As You Age

Is driving stressful for you? Traffic isn’t getting any better as the population increases. Consider our home care errand services to help take a load of worry off your shoulders.

If you live in a highly populated area with never-ending traffic and long lines at traffic lights, running errands can be a headache if you’re a senior. Likewise, if you’re in a rural area and have to drive quite a distance to accomplish your shopping on winding country roads with no shoulder or guardrails, you may want to pass the task of running errands on to someone else. 

Our caring staff with Blessings4Ever Home Care Agency can run errands for you, relieving you of the stress of driving and carrying in heavy sacks of groceries and other items. Following are four great benefits of errand services

Lowers risk of having accidents 

As a senior, you may not realize that you likely have slower reflexes, which means you may be unable to “stop on a dime” when driving to avoid an accident. If you have arthritis, your knees may be stiff and painful, affecting your reaction time as you try to use the brake or the accelerator. It may be difficult to turn your head to look to the side and behind you. 

There are very likely significant changes in your eyesight and perhaps your hearing. You may be on medications that warn against driving a motor vehicle due to dizziness or possible drowsiness. 

Researchers find that as a senior, if you’re involved in a serious motor vehicle accident, it’s more likely to be fatal when compared to younger people. You may have medical issues you didn’t have when you were young in addition to being weaker and perhaps frail. Two-thirds of seniors are involved in motor vehicle accidents. 

A fall could be devastating for you as a senior. Lugging unwieldy bags of groceries into the house could lead to a fall. 

It’s better to be safe than sorry. You can lower your risk for accidents by having a compassionate helper run your errands. 

Lowers risk of developing illness

The coronavirus and other viruses are around. You may feel more hesitant going into crowded stores than you did before the pandemic. If you have COPD or a similar issue, wearing a mask can be frustrating, making it hard to breathe. If you’re immune-compromised, wondering if you’re going to catch a “bug” every time you go out is mentally taxing. 

Why expose yourself to every germ out there? You can have a Blessings4Ever Home Care staffer run errands for you. 

Reduces stress for you and your family 

Dealing with traffic, driving, being in crowded stores, waiting in long lines, and getting in a hot car when it’s been sitting in the sun while you’re shopping — these things produce stress. Instead, let our errand service help you. 

Trying to do everything you used to do when you were 30 or 40 often becomes difficult as you age. Stress can manifest in various physical ailments, such as higher blood pressure, sleeping problems, headaches, and stomach problems. 

Let our staff shop for your groceries, bring the bags in, and put the groceries away. We can go to the drugstore to pick up your medications, drop by the post office to send or pick up mail, and help with a host of other everyday tasks that need to be accomplished. 

Becomes a lifesaver when you can no longer drive 

You may have reached the point where you no longer drive. It’s a wise decision if you have ailments that could lead to an accident. 

If lack of transportation is a problem because you’ve stopped driving, we can fill the gap. Not only can we run your errands, but we can also provide transportation services to get you where you need to go whether it’s the bank, doctor, dentist, or a store.  

Call Blessings4Ever Home Care Services or request information through our online portal today. We’re here to help you during this life transition.