3 Simple Ways to Take Control of Incontinence

Nov 02, 2023
3 Simple Ways to Take Control of Incontinence

s your incontinence a constant worry? Fear of having an accident can make your days tense. Home health care staff can help you take control of this problem so you can focus on more pleasant things during the day.

If you’re troubled by incontinence because of mobility or other issues, getting professional help can remove this source of stress from your life. Being incontinent or having trouble with it can produce embarrassment and make you feel ashamed. 

Don’t spend another day worrying about having incontinence problems. Our caring staff with Blessings4Ever Home Care Agency can help free you from anxiety and provide the assistance you need. Following are three ways our professional home health aides can help you conquer incontinence

1. Assist in using protection and getting to the toilet

Do you use a cane, walker, wheelchair, or other device to help you get around your home? If you’re unable to walk quickly to get to the bathroom when you need to, it’s not a surprise that you may have accidents that need cleanup. 

If you have trouble getting on protective underwear with padding, our caring staff can help you get dressed morning and night. We ensure you have your underwear on correctly so there aren’t leaks. If you ever have an accident, our staff can help you change your clothes and bathe. We can wash and dry any soiled clothing. 

Our staff surveys your environment. We can make sure your main center of action during the day is within proximity to your bathroom. We can help you arrange your room so that you’re able to reach your toilet in time to use it. 

2. Assist in using a bedside commode 

If you’re confined to bed after an operation or have trouble moving and need a bedside commode, your provider helps you use it safely. Our staff can help you move from the bed to the chair with the toilet seat. We lock the wheels of the seat so that it’s stable. 

If you need help cleaning yourself after using the commode, we help you accomplish this task and then make sure your hands are clean. We empty and clean the commode for use the next time. 

3. Assist in using a catheter

Our staff can help you if you use a catheter to pass urine. If you have a catheter, we empty the drainage bag and make sure your genital area is clean and dry when you finish voiding. 

Our assistance during a time when you’re incontinent can reduce the number of accidents, lower your stress level, keep you clean so you stay healthy, and improve your quality of life. 

Call Blessings4Ever Home Care Agency or request information through our online portal today if you need in-home care.